Information Security Audit


SECCLOR’s Information Systems Security Audit enables an organization to quickly determine if fundamental security issues are present on a computer network.  The Audit is comprised of an eight point analysis of independent areas of the network to quickly identify key areas of concern.  While this assessment is not intended to act as a substitute for a comprehensive audit, it will provide sufficient information to identify the majority of threats.

Experience shows that up to 80% of the problems detected during the Audit can be quickly remedied, yet can create extreme havoc if uncorrected.  The remaining 20% of the problems uncovered may require significant additional effort.  SECCLOR’s eight point Information Systems Security Audit examines the areas considered to be the most susceptible for security breach.

  • Cyber Vulnerability
  • Mail System Vulnerability
  • Remote Access Vulnerability
  • Wireless Network Vulnerability
  • Physical Access Vulnerability
  • Internal Vulnerability
  • User Account Security Vulnerability
  • Internet Activity Analysis