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Security Device Management

Security Device Management is the management of security devices, such as: firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), proxy, web application firewall, etc.

While other IT companies just scratch the surface of your infrastructure SECCLOR utilizes a unique methodology to dig deeper into your network and business practices to develop both short and long term solutions for your organization. When your organization partners with us the first thing we perform is a complete infrastructure audit and network mapping. Our engineers will not only audit your technology, but interview your management team and employees. This allows us to determine the ‘ground-truth’ of what is and what is not working as well as understand your business plans.

Why Wait for Things to Break?
  • We are no more a break-fix company.  We will be proactive to the maximum possible extent.
  • No more truck rolls. Will do everything remotely and will save human capital for valuable and billable visits
  • We are no more selling human hours. We are selling a packaged service at a fixed cost per month

With our Managed Security Services plan, our team proactively monitors your network to make sure everything is running smoothly. From network bandwidth to server loads we keep an eye on your infrastructure and fix your IT issues before they have a chance to impact your business.

Plan Highlights
  • UNLIMITED Onsite Support
  • UNLIMITED Remote Support
  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Emergency After-hours Support

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