About company

SECCLOR provides first class information technology services to all businesses and government. We deliver a secure, reliable and scalable solution customized to meet your specific needs. Our mission is to assist companies with managing their IT infrastructures so they can focus on growing their business.Our clients always receive the same level of commitment and thoroughness when it comes to their IT service. Our secret is a trinity service approach:

  • PROACTIVE PROCESSES– that standardize our methods and your results.
  • NETWORK-MONITORING SOFTWARE– that ensures your complete security 24/7.
  • SOLUTION-CENTRIC COLLABORATION – between you and us to make sure that your technology serves your business, not the other way around.

New Career 


Anyone can fix a broken computer but how many can sit down with the CEO and develop a strategy to better leverage their technology resources to improve profit margins? At SECCLOR we know that technology is a critical component of your overall business. With our Services, there are no hourly or surprise costs. With one low flat rate everything is covered. From desktop support, servers, and networking to budget planning and virtual CIO services.

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Our team

Management is the important part of a company. Any company’s success and failure largely depend upon a management .History tells us big companies have failed due to poor functioning of management .We have selected our management with the best and most experienced professionals in the trend. They have national and international reputation in respective fields. We have integrated our management team with Engineers from Ivy League Universities in US/Canada. They have very clear knowledge and capability of mechanisms.